~ Winter 2017... Shifting gears ~

Acting roles have sadly had to take a back seat this year, as my "day job" dried up soon after purchasing our lovely 1938 Colonial Revival fixer.Fortunately, a new "day job" is keeping me very busy and providing much-needed comfort and security for me and my family. Familial responsibilities must take precedent. As a result, my artistice focus is shifting happily to voiceover which provides me with greater opportunities on my schedule.

I am getting closer to completing a creative space in our home. This Christmas brought me a new Blue Yeti USB Mic and a portable Isolation Screen to improve my sound quality. I have recently started reading again for my favorite podcast: The H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast, with the hilarious duo Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer hosting.

Black and white still seems to be my best colors as I recently completed a scene in a ShadowLand film starring Eric Roberts airing now on Lifetime entitled Stalked by my Doctor: The Return, wherein Eric's character (Dr. Beck) hallucinates a personal conversation from within the set of a television, showing a classic noir drama. Yours-ruly plays the vintage "Doctor Oswald, fighting the good fight" in glorious black and white.

If you are a gamer, Ultra Street Fighter IV has a new character you may be interested in. His name is Hakan and he is a Turkish Oil Wrestler and a family man. I had the great good fortune to voice this new character for Capcom. I hope you get a chance to fight Hakan or fight as Hakan.

I am still racking-up historic personages. This time I was hired to portray one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allan Poe in America: Facts vs. Fiction for the Military Channel and the American Heroes Channel.

I also voiced several classic mobsters for Marked By the Mob, however I have yet to figure out on which network this aired. Consdider that TBA.

"Fear Lives Here" Is available now on Amazon Prime. It's a feature-Length Psychological Horror film directed by Michael Chase Gordon and produced by Ben Bray, Michael Gordon, Frank Torres and Tina Sen. STORY LINE: Five friends get stranded in the woods only to find themselves as unwilling participants in a deadly game with a boy that's been dead for decades. Paul Darrigo and I get to work together again playing hapless cop partners in a couple of scenes that delightfully balance horror with comic relief.