About me

Lance has been acting professionally on the West Coast since 1983. Originally plying his trade on the stage, he has now counted himself among the residents of the "City of Angels" for over ten years to focus on voice-over, film and television.

Originally from San Jose, California, he has traveled to over seventeen countries entertaining our troops with the Dept. of Defense Overseas Shows Division, performing murder mysteries where they need it most - like Bosnia, Italy, Iceland, Greenland, Spain, Turkey and Greece! In 2004, Lance traveled to Morocco to portray one of America's great unsung heroes at the start of the Barbary Wars, starring as "General" William Eaton in the History Channel's The Battle of Tripoli. In 2006, Lance donned the mantel of Captain Henry Morgan in the History Channel's True Caribbean Pirates - filmed in San Juan. Here at home, Lance has performed with the Seattle Children's Theatre, The Seattle Repertory Theatre, Ft Worth Shakespeare in the Park, and locally with the Theatre Banshee and the Glendale Centre Theatre. He began his training at San Jose State University, progressing to the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts in Santa Maria and the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Washington.